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Back To Top FAQs for Parents and Kids

  • + What does it cost to use Playz?

    Nothing, it is totally free to use Playz.  Of course if you book an activity, you need to pay for that, but you can be sure it costs no more to book on Playz than directly with the activity provider.

  • + Why should I register on Playz?

    Registering on Playz enables you to utilise the full functionality of the site including

    – Making bookings on Playz

    – Creating “friends” on Playz so you can share your kid’s activities with the parents of their friends, helping you to coordinate your bookings

    – Post a review of an activity on Playz

    – Save and return to your previous searches on Playz

    – Save favourite activity providers on Playz so you can quickly find them later

    – View your bookings made on Playz


  • + How do I invite someone to be my friend on Playz?

    Login to Playz (we recommend using social media to login, but you can use your email and a password also).

    Go to your My Playz and choose Friends from the drop down menu or select the Friends tab.  Choose the Add Friends option on the right hand side to send an email invite to your friend.  If they are not already registered on Playz, they will get an email, inviting them to register and friend you.

    Once they have accepted your invitation, you will be able to see their bookings (and they will see yours).  This will make coordinating your children’s bookings easy.


  • + If I register with Playz will I get bombarded with emails?

    No, we will not send you lots of irrelevant emails.  We will occasionally send you our newsletter which will have activities and events that we think may be of interest to you and your kids.  If you want to opt out of these, you can click unsubscribe at anytime and we will stop sending you newsletters.

  • + Is it safe to book an activity through Playz?

    Yes, all transactions on Playz go through PayPal, which we believe is the world’s safest online payment system. Playz does not store your credit card details.

  • + Do I need a Paypal account to book an activity on Playz?

    No, you can pay with any major credit card or use a PayPal account.  To pay with a credit card, once you are redirected to PayPal select the “Pay with credit or debit card” option – you don’t need a PayPal account for this.

  • + I’ve booked an activity, but lost my email receipt. How can I see what I have booked?

    You can login to My Playz, click on the drop down box at the top right and choose My Bookings. To login use your email address. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by clicking on the link Can’t remember your password? on the Login page. If you can’t remember your login email address, please contact us at or call us on 1300 33 44 59.

  • + How is Playz different from other directory websites?

    Unlike other websites, Playz is much more than a directory of businesses. Playz also includes session availability and many listings have a ‘book now’ option. You can also use our Enquire option to email the activity provider directly with your query. You can even connect with the parents of your kid’s friends, so you can see each other’s bookings, ensuring your kids always have friends with them when they go to an activity. Playz also offers a comprehensive search engine so you can search on age, location, activity type, keyword, catering to special needs, timing and much more.

  • + Are there any hidden fees I have to pay?

    No, the price shown is the total price you will pay (including the GST).  If an activity is shown as costing $50, then it will cost you $50 and no more.

  • + Do I get a receipt when I’ve booked an activity?

    Yes, you will be emailed a receipt detailing your booking.  If you don’t receive your email, check your Junk folder, as some email servers can be over zealous.

  • + I have written a review but I can’t see it published – where is it?

    All reviews on Playz are reviewed to ensure that they comply with our values (see our review guidelines in the Rules of Playz).  We aim to have all reviews checked and published within 24 hours.  If you don’t see your review within 24 hours, please feel free to contact us at and we can see where it is at.

Back To Top FAQs for Providers of Kids' Activities

  • + What does it cost to list my activities on Playz?

    Listing your activities on Playz is totally free.  As a Playz Parter you can list as many activities as you like for free.

    Playz offers much more than just listings.  We also provide optional services such as Playz Workz and Playz Linkz.

    Playz Workz lets you take online bookings through Playz as well as enabling you to manage all your participants through Playz.

    Playz Linkz will link families directly through to your own booking site.  

    To find out how these services work, click here

  • + Which Playz service is right for my business?

    All kids’ activity providers are invited to join us FREE as a Playz Partner. As a Playz Partner you have unlimited opportunities to promote all your activities for FREE. Playz Partner is perfect if you:

    • Want a FREE way to complement your existing promotion and marketing activity!
    • Want to benefit from exposure to thousands of families looking for services like yours
    • Don’t have the time or budget to create your own website
    • Want to be in control of your Listing information from anywhere
    • Want to supplement your existing website with extra exposure online


    Click here to create your FREE listing and start appearing in search results today!


    Playz Workz is an optional add-on service and perfect to complement your FREE Playz Partner listing if you:

    • Want a cost effective way to take and manage online bookings, without the hassle or expense of setting up your own booking site
    • Want to take and manage online bookings with NO expensive or ongoing fees or lock-in contracts
    • Want a flexible system to promote and manage all your listings and bookings and which you can access and update from anywhere
    • Want maximum exposure in Playz search results and  through social media
    • Don’t have your own website and don’t have the time or budget to set up and manage one
    • Have your own booking site now but want to supplement it with a set number of places available to book through Playz
    • Don’t want to lose customers to a competitor who can take their booking while your office is closed!


    Click here to create your FREE listing and be ready to take online bookings today!


    Playz Linkz is an optional service linking to your own website booking page. It’s ideal to complement your FREE Playz Partner listing if you:

    • Have your own website booking page set up and you’re happy with how it works (if not, take a look at Playz Workz for a handy and cost effective solution!)
    • Want to improve your rankings and exposure in Playz search results with minimal investment
    • Want to deliver more traffic to your existing online booking page


    Click here to create your FREE listing and be ready to take online bookings via your own website today!


    For more information about our services click here

  • + How do I list my holiday programs on playz?

  • + How do I update my existing holiday programs?

  • + How do I list my activities on Playz?

    First you need to create an account as an activity provider.  We will then take you through some easy steps, where you will be able to put your own information on Playz, including your photos, details of your activities etc. To save time you can cut and paste in text from your website or electronic brochures and you can also drop in photos.

  • + How to I add new Term dates for my classes?

    Click here for a fact sheet on adding new term dates

  • + Who manages my information on Playz?

    You get to manage your own information on Playz through your very own Playz Dashboard. The only things you won’t be able to update are your login email address or your business name – to change these please contact us at or call us on 1300 33 44 59.

  • + What if I need to refund someone?

    You can process refunds directly through your Playz Dashboard.  Contact Playz to turn this feature on the first time you need to make a refund.

  • + I need parents to sign off on my own terms and conditions, how does this work on Playz?

    You can upload or enter in your own terms and conditions plus cancellations policies on Playz.  When a cusomter of Playz books your activity, they will be required to agree to your terms and conditions and privacy policy prior to making their booking with you.

  • + I have complex enrolment information I need to collect, how would that work on Playz?

    We understand that every organisation’s needs are different.  We have created a unique function enabling you to create your own enrolment forms on Playz.  You simply tick which fields you want to include in your enrolment form.  If you can’t find a field you want to include, contact us and we will add it in for you. There is also an open text field for you to request specific information.

  • + If I take bookings through Playz, how do I get paid?

    For Playz Workz, we ask you to set up a Premier or Business account with PayPal as part of your registration process with Playz.  Payments made to you through Playz go directly into your PayPal account.  The PayPal and/or credit card fees are included in the Playz booking fees.

    We use PayPal, as we believe it is the most secure form of payment available on the internet.  You get paid directly into your PayPal account as soon as PayPal has processed the payment. We never hold your monies.

    Families using Playz can pay you securely using their PayPal account or any major credit card.  We do not store families’ credit card details.



  • + Why isn’t my listing coming up as the first listing?

    When your listing(s) meet a user’s search criteria, they are included with all the listings that meet that criteria.  Unlike other sites, we randomise our search results, so Aardvark doesn’t always come up first.  We keep each random order for 24 hours, so if you do a search on yourself tomorrow, you will come up in a different place in the search results.

    Customers are also able to sort the results by set criteria. The default sort order is set to activities that take online bookings.

  • + How do I know I won’t get more bookings than I have places for?

    When you create your individual sessions in Playz, you can set the number of places available.  If you also take bookings outside of Playz, you can enter these in with the rest of your participants (this is free), so you can keep track of them all in one place.  At any time you can also adjust the number of available places through your dashboard.

  • + What if someone gives a false review of my activity?

    When someone rates and reviews your activity, we review it before it is published.  This is a basic check to ensure that reviews meet our basic values at Playz.  As an activity provider on Playz, you also get to respond to any review you wish.  If you think a review is blatantly untrue, contact us and we may be able to remove it for you.

  • + How do I list my fete on Playz?

    Listing a fete, or fair or any one-off event is simple and easy on Playz.  You can also use Playz to take bookings for your event or sell additional items such as wristbands or raffle ticket. See our fact sheet for more information.

  • + My business is part of a franchise, can I list on Playz?

    Generally the answer is yes.  Of course you should check that you are complying with your franchise agreement.

  • + Can I list a one-off event on Playz?

    Yes, you can list a one-off event including Fetes, theatre productions, community events, markets and more. Often these events are included under our Fun Stuff to Do category.

  • + I run classes by the Term, can I do re-enrolments through Playz?

    Absolutely.  We have created the ability for you to copy the attendees from your previous term into your new term, letting you “invite” all your participants back.  Each participant will receive an email, inviting them to your next term.  You can even set up an expiry date, so if you don’t hear back from a participant, we can automatically invite the next person on your list (assuming the class is full and you have a waitlist).  We will never invite more people then you have allowed spaces for.